Meet the future of solventless

Increase yields and save time. Connect to your lab equipment, capture process data, forecast batches, and help your team work more efficiently.


Finally, six-star software for hash makers

Data in, fire out. The first software for for solventless cannabis extractors.

Plan your runs

Organize your fresh frozen inventory, forecast yields, and set a schedule for your team

Real-time analysis

Lose less product to R&D by analyzing washing, drying, and pressing in real-time

Easier pheno hunting

Compare batch data to identify winning strains and forecast future production

Automate data collection

Connect with your lab equipment to set notifications and capture data directly off the device

Google Sheets vs. Hash App:
Full Comparison

Curious how everyone's favorite spreadsheet app compares to a tool built for solventless? Read through our full write-up and learn more about the benefits of each platform.


Get organized and save time

The easy way for teams to track data in the field, learn from their data, and automatically generate METRC-friendly reports.

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Organize starting material

Store all of your fresh frozen and inventory in one place.

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Track your washes and presses

Input data manually and connect to your favorite lab equipment.

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Visualize your performance

Review yield data and optimize your process for future batches.

Join our beta program

Get early access to our private beta and a lifetime membership to all future updates.

Get the most out of every micron range

See why hash makers everywhere are making the switch and increasing yields 3% per batch.

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When is the app coming out?

Our private beta is live! Sign up here and help us build the future of solventless.

Is my data secure?

All of your data is completely anonymized and encrypted.

What is it going to cost?

Right now we are granting lifetime memberships for a limited time and will be charging a small monthly fee depending on usage.

Can I connect with my existing equipment?

Yes, we plan to retrofit connections for a variety of wash vessel, press, and freeze dryer, and scale manufacturers.