Hunting Trop Cookies #13 with 710 Labs CEO & founder, Brad Melshenker


We sat down with 710 Labs CEO & founder, Brad Melshenker, to chat purple water hash. Who got a chance to try this special batch in late 2020? It was an exclusive drop to List members.

Even more rare than the anthocyanin-packed hash, is its unique cookie-leaning terp profile. We're used to seeing Tropicana Cookies stay more on the citrusy side of things, and this expression wasn't something we'd experienced before (and haven't since). “It’s quite a phenomena to find a cultivar that produces purple resin, actually yields a flavorful water hash, and properly melts on your banger. When hunting the Trop Cookies that usually produce purple melt, we weren’t looking for the tangie terps, but instead, we were hunting for the more rare cookie terps.

Although winner #13 doesn’t yield in biomass or hash very well, she was a keeper for the cookie flavor and beautiful aesthetic.

If it was only about the dollars, nobody on their right mind would keep her!”

– Brad Melshenker (@brodyshenks)